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Summer Newsletter page 2


Each year in Buttsbury we celebrate Lammas. But what is Lammas? The word Lammas comes from an Old English phrase that translates to "loaf mass." On Lammas, the first sheaves of grain were cut, and by that night, the first loaves of bread for the season would have been baked. It would then be brought into church for it to be blessed. In Anglo-Saxon England, a loaf of bread baked from the new crop was broken into four pieces and placed in the four corners of the barn to protect the grain. This year Lammas will be celebrated at 5.30 pm on 17th July with refreshments to follow the service.


Whit Sunday is the seventh Sunday after Easter, when Christians celebrate the sending of the Holy Spirit to the first followers of Christ. The festival this year falls on 5th June and will be celebrated at Ingatestone, there being no service in Buttsbury that day.


The flowers in the church at Easter and the Easter garden in the porch were particularly beautiful this year and we thank Christine Makings and Alison Hayward and their helpers for their expertise and hard work in producing such splendid displays.


The porch which has gradually been deteriorating over the years is now being restored by Paul Butterworth to whom we are most grateful. Those internal timbers which had rotted at the bottom have been replaced together with some of the external timbers. These have been repainted. There is still more to do for which new timber has now been bought. Thank you, Paul.


The meetings were held on 20th March following Evensong.

Christopher Hayward was elected as churchwarden.

Tim presented the Annual Report. Bryan presented the Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2021. The Accounts showed a deficit for the year of 44 which was a very good outcome having paid in full the Parish Share of 6,000 and East window repairs of 8,300. Funds in hand at 31 December amounted to 9,900

Bryan presented the report on the fabric stating that the last quinquennial survey was made in March 2020 in which the fabric of the church building was said to be generally in good order. One of the matters addressed was the condition of the East window which was in need of restoration. A faculty was granted in August and the work of restoration commenced in November by Craftsmen Glass Ltd. The work was completed in December.

The churchyard continues to be well maintained; Chris organising the grass cutting, Peter the strimming, and Margaret the flower beds: Margaret continues to expand the variety and number of wild flowers in the grass and on graves. The snowdrops this year have been spectacular particularly at the roadside hedge.

Janet reported that there were 16 on the Electoral Roll of whom 2 were resident in the parish.

Alison reported that now that there were just two services each month Christine had purchased more artificial flowers which were being used where appropriate although all the greenery was real. With the death of Daphne and the frequent absence of Barbara there is now a shortage of flower arrangers so additional help with this and cleaning would be very welcome.

Alison Hayward, Vicky George, Michael Pointer and Bryan Shedel were elected to the PCC. Tim and Chris are members ex officio.

Tim thanked all those who helped in any way with the running of the church, those who provided the flowers, who cleaned the church, who opened and shut the church, who laboured in the churchyard, who set up the church for services, and who read lessons.

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