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Spring 2024 Newsletter

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You are invited to join us on Thursday evenings in Lent at Bishopscourt, Margaretting. Each evening we will meet from 7.00pm for a 7.30 start. We will watch a talk on video followed by a discussion, finishing with a short service of Compline ending at 9.00pm. The course runs over five evenings in Lent; each evening is a stand- alone evening so it will not matter if you can't come to all of them.

Thursday 22nd Feb Philippians 2.1-11; refection Revd Sharon Quilter

Thursday 29th Feb Corinthians 5.16-21 reflection; Revd Janet Nicholls

Thursday 7th March Ephesians 1.3-14 reflection Rt Revd Lynne Cullens

Thursday 14th March Ephesians 2.8-22 reflection Rt Revd Roger Morris

Thursday 21st March reflection Revd Dave Chesney


The Annual Meetings will be held on Sunday 21st April in the church immediately following Evensong. The meetings are important in the life of the church as not only are Reports and Accounts of the past year presented but the meetings also elect Churchwardens, Sidesmen and Parochial Church Councillors.


Buttsbury Open Day: Saturday 15th June with the annual Buttsbury Fayre, 2.00-4.30


Priest-in-Charge Canon Lee Francis-Dehqani

.............................................................Tel:07827 668169

Licensed Lay ReaderTim Lee .........Tel: 216583

Churchwarden Chris Hayward ........Tel: 356836

Minute Secretary Vicky George ......Tel: 01621 850730

Treasurer Bryan Shedel....................Tel: 352213

Flower Rota Christine Makings.......Tel: 840615

Pianist Rachel Stainer

Web site Michael Pointer

Sidesmen Arline Leaves & Christine Makings

Spring 2024 Newsletter Continued


There are some who would say that what we celebrate at Easter is very odd. Odd because we're marking something that took place so long ago and saying it's of significance for us today. We live in a culture which delights in the present moment. Last year is long gone. What matters is living to the full in each day as if there had been no yesterday and no shaping of today from previous years.

It's odd because we're celebrating something that defies aspects of contemporary scientific thinking. There are those who will say that we live in a world in which everything has a rational explanation. There is no longer mystery, only puzzles which are on their way to being solved. It is a dilemma of our age that nothing is allowed to stay as a mystery. People's lives need to be unpacked or unpeeled, until like the onion, there's nothing left but a pile of layers.

But the mystery of Easter is one which points us to awe rather than analysis. Mary wanted to hold on to the risen Lord, to pin him down, to keep him with her. But Jesus said that this wasn't possible - that he had to go to be with the Father.

It is a great temptation to want to hold on to things, to make sure life is pinned down, to want to keep our faith in ways that fit within our limited understanding.

The mystery of the Resurrection calls for awe and wonder at the God who has given the victory over death itself and who comes again and again in surprising ways to a broken and hurting world.

Our Lord was not resuscitated after death. He did not come back exactly as he had been Jesus the man. Mary and others failed to recognise him at first in the resurrection appearances. Resurrection which we celebrate at Easter is about new life. Resurrection involves moving on.


The Porch

Last year Paul Butterworth kindly replaced the timber cladding of the East side of the porch. With a gift of oak cladding he is now replacing the cladding of the West side. We are most grateful to Paul and the donor of the cladding.

Plaster Repairs

In the last Newsletter mention was made of the project to prevent damp entering the church by removing the cement plaster from the South wall of the chancel and to replace it with lime plaster. The estimate of the cost has now risen to 29,467. We have 20,600 in hand and a promised grant of 5,000 to come together with a legacy of 1,000. Our treasurer has made two further grant applications. Hopefully these will bear fruit. Meanwhile we invite our readers to consider making a donation. Donations may be made by bank transfer to Buttsbury PCC sort code 20-12-21 a/c no 70515876 or by cheque payable to Buttsbury PCC and sent to our treasurer at 50 Willow Green, Ingatestone CM4 0DH.

Mary Razzell

Mary who died on 5th January aged 90 was a dedicated supporter of Buttsbury church. She lived in Ingatestone with her husband Brian and their four children. Brian was churchwarden in the 1970s until the early 90s and could often be found busying himself in the churchyard whilst Mary tended the flowers within. Following Brian's retirement from his City job they moved to Somerset. Sadly after just 18 months there Brian died leaving Mary on her own. However she was soon integrated into the community. Failing eyesight forced her to move so she returned to Essex finding an apartment in Danbury. Her funeral was held in Buttsbury church on 6th February witnessed by some 50 relatives and friends. Mary's daughter, Vicky, is our minute secretary.


Good Friday - 29th MARCH

The procession of witness will start at 1pm at the Elim Church for some worship and prayer, then move to the United Reformed Church for the same and then finishing outside the parish church by 2pm where there will be a more formal act of worship for the last hour. All are welcome to all or just part of the devotion.